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How LinkedIn Local
Was Started

LinkedIn Local is a global community by the users of LinkedIn designed to take online relationships offline to get to know the person behind the profile.

LinkedIn Local began in Australia by Anna McAfee in April 2017 with a simple post on LinkedIn using the hashtag #linkedinlocal, asking her LinkedIn connections in her little city on the Australian East coast, Coffs Harbour, to meet up for coffee. To her surprise, a lot of people reacted to the post, not only the 18 people who showed up, but also people in other cities around the world.

LinkedIn Local is now in 500 cities and 80 countries around the world!

About LinkedIn Local Salt Lake City

LinkedIn Local started in Salt Lake City in June 2018 by Caloni Michelle & Lindsey Ivie with almost 50 attendees and has grown to 150 attendees as of May 2019.

Meet the LinkedIn Local SLC Co-Hosts

Caloni Michelle Moses

Personal Branding Expert and Founder of Brandstrom - A Personal Branding Agency

Caloni Michelle is a Personal Branding Expert and the founder & CEO of Brandstrom – A Personal Branding Agency, national speaker, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and an internationally recognized authority on personal branding who hosts personal branding seminars, social media & content workshops, LinkedIn Local events, influencer events and masterminds.

Her clients are worth $10+ million and have been featured in or seen on Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, Entrepreneur On Fire, Dr. Phil Tuesdays with Troy, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, CW, Fortune, Yahoo Finance and many other publications, podcasts, and media outlets.

She comes from humble beginnings in sunny California. Her father passed away when she was 13 years old and she was forced to grow up… fast. She learned at a young age that if she wanted a happy & fulfilling life, she must create it. And… so she did! Over the last 12 years, Caloni has been creating social media content and building a personal brand online. Now, she has grown an audience of 100,000+ people and founded a personal branding agency called Brandstrom to teach others to do the same. She has had the honor of speaking to audiences around the world about building & scaling personal brands. After completing her Master’s Degree in Business Administration and building her personal brand online, Caloni left the corporate world in pursuit of helping others build & scale their personal brands based on their skills, life experiences and expertise. Her company, Brandstrom, specializes in personal brand strategy, development & design; products & services development; monetization and launch strategies; and organic digital & social media growth.

Caloni has impacted thousands of lives around the world and loves sharing the insights gained along the way on how she leveraged social media to organically build a brand. She has had the honor of speaking to audiences around the nation on how to thrive in today’s modern age of technology and social media. She also educates people across the globe on how to build their personal brands. She speaks at conferences, seminars, universities, corporations and workshops on topics including personal branding, social media, monetization & entrepreneurship.

She has been featured in ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS & CW along with various other publications, podcasts and media outlets.

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Lindsey Ivie

Co-Founder of Ivie League Sales

Lindsey is the co-founder of Ivie League Sales – a fractional sales company providing sales strategy and manpower for companies needing a CFO but don’t have the expertise or financial resources to do so.

She has a passion for helping startups grow through revenue generation. She has provided many resources to the community through her partnership on the Dot Pitch event, which provides startups with the opportunity to pitch their product and raise money. She loves making connections to help more startups succeed.

She is also an event host, serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. She hosts weekly networking events called Ivie League Breakfasts where she brings together people looking to form professional relationships and joint venues.

As fractional consultant, she serves teams of great people with disruptive products and helps them develop revenue channels with partners and events.

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